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NEW: Yasha 60-70-90 Aqua Medic - Complete saltwater

Nano Reeftank - elegant design - innovative technology. Expected to be available from mid-March 2024.

Complete seawater tank with high-quality glass finish. Impressively modern design with 45° glass edges. Sophisticated components ensure reliable operation and full functionality. The inconspicuously integrated filter basin guarantees extremely easy handling with minimal maintenance. The ingenious design of the filter unit allows the entire technology to be concealed inconspicuously by an elegant glass cover.


- Aquarium: Yasha 60, 70 and 90

Glass tank made of 6 mm "super white glass"

- Skimmer: EVO 100

very quiet and efficient, adjustable protein skimmer (approx. 5 W)

- Lighting: Qube 30

Ultra-compact LED spotlight with 5 colors and high energy density, color and light quantity manually adjustable via 2 channels (max 30 W). incl. flexible gooseneck for stable hold and easy alignment

- Feed pump: DC Runner 600

"ultra silent" thanks to optimized control electronics (max 8 W). energy-saving 24 V DC motor, polished ceramic bearings and axles for quiet and maintenance-free continuous operation, for use as a feed and flow pump

- Filter: integrated filter basin with cover to accommodate biological and mechanical filters (e.g. multi reactor S Gen II), incl. pre-filter chamber and clear water chamber to accommodate e.g. refill system easy or mini heater, incl. surface outlet and water level indicator.

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robertbaur on 16.03.24#1
Gestern erreichte mich die Meldung das die neuen Yasha System nun verfügbar sind.

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