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Video presentation of the NYOS OPUS 2 generation with 440L and 125 cm length

At the end of November 2022 we were at Nyos / Whitecorals and shot some videos. One of them shows the 2nd generation Opus with 440 litres and 125cm length.

Besides the video, there is of course more info :-)

The NYOS® OPUS® G2 series are ready-to-use reef aquariums that meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics. Value was also placed on important details that make the difference. The special design puts the aquarium as such in the background. As a result, nothing distracts from the most important thing: The reef experience.

Key Features Nyos® OPUS®G2

Hidden Overflow: External drainage well recessed into the aquarium's rear pane
Pools with ultra-clear glass and clear edges thanks to transparent silicone bonding
Deep blue rear pane for realistic depth effect
With Slim-Line® and Pro-Line®, there are two base cabinet design lines to choose from
High-quality, robust base cabinets thanks to melamine resin coating.
Separate XL refill basin with extra capacity
Large, functionally designed technical basin with filter chamber for several appliances
Made in EU with improved sustainability aspects

Hidden Overflow
In the Nyos® OPUS® G2, there is an external drainage shaft recessed into the rear pane, which is flush with the rear pane of the aquarium. The absence of an obstructing drainage shaft in the aquarium creates additional space for aquascaping. Likewise, the rear pane can be kept clean easily and uncomplicatedly.

Three sides with ultra-clear glass for brilliant colours
Both the front pane and both side panes are made of ultra-clear glass. Compared to conventional glass, ultra-clear glass has a much weaker green tint, so that the colours of fish and corals appear much richer in contrast and more vivid.

Pool pool
The Nyos® OPUS® G2 is designed as a pool tank. There are no disturbing side or cross bars in the aquarium.

Clear glass edges
To distract as little as possible from the reef experience, only transparent silicone is used in the main aquarium.

Deep blue painted back glass for realistic depth effect
The back glass of the aquarium is a precisely matched, very dark blue shade. When the aquarium lighting is switched on, this creates the perfect illusion of a realistic underwater world with depth effect.

Perfect aquascaping dimensions due to extra depth
In reef aquariums, the depth is of particular importance for a successful reef setup. The Nyos® OPUS® G2 is therefore equipped with extra depth, so that spectacular reef set-ups can be realised.

the nyos® OPUS® G2 base cabinet

The Nyos® OPUS® G2 is available with either the Pro-Line® or the Slim-Line® base cabinet.
Both base cabinet models are characterised by the following features:

Robust design
Moisture-resistant support panels to EN 312 are used in both base cabinets. Thanks to a durable melamine resin coating, the surfaces are extremely scratch and impact resistant. Furthermore, the base units are additionally lined with waterproof foam

Sustainable and resource-friendly
The wood used in the Nyos® OPUS® G2 base units comes from verified legal sources according to ISO 38200 and is manufactured in FSC® certified factories. The legal limits for formaldehyde emissions are significantly undercut. All base units consist of 30% recycled material and 45% co-products (residual wood from the sawmill industry). This results in a low carbon footprint.

Comfortable with greater height
The Nyos® OPUS® G2 base cabinets have a greater overall height compared to the first generation, making working in the base cabinet more comfortable. The doors can be opened conveniently with the recessed push-to-open system.

Aesthetics and design
In the Nyos® OPUS® G2 base cabinets, we have paid special attention to functional and aesthetic design. The surfaces have a melamine resin coating and are of timeless elegance and simplicity.

Available in two attractive colours
In addition to timeless white, both base unit types are also available in modern basalt grey. Both colours feature a matt finish.


Clear, space-saving fixed PVC piping
PVC piping offers more safety and durability compared to hose installations. The piping can be installed in just a few steps and is designed to be particularly space-saving.

Simplified technical pool with generous filter chamber
The generously dimensioned main chamber can accommodate several devices such as skimmers, fluidised bed filters or algae reactors at the same time. The main chamber has a constant water level of approx. 21cm.

Nylon filter sock
The Nyos® OPUS® G2 includes a filter sock made of nylon. This is designed for a longer period of use.

Adjustable, quiet drain and additional emergency overflow
The Nyos® OPUS® G2 has a drain with an adjustable valve. This makes it possible to minimise drain noise. Likewise, an emergency drain is included as standard.
Separate XL refill tank with extra capacity

The 50 cm high refill aquarium with 22 litre volume provides for approx. one week's supply of evaporation water.

The video of the G2 300.

You can also find even more info at the link to Nyos


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