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News: the new Aqua Medic Ocean Queen skimmers

Efficient and very powerful skimmer for the filter sump with app-controlled "ULTRA SILENT" DC Runner pump. The skimmers of the Ocean Queen series are offered in three sizes:

The following sizes are available:

90 - for aquariums up to 900 litres water volume (approx. 18 watts)
160 - for aquariums up to 1,600 litres water volume (approx. 31 watts)
300 - for aquariums up to 3,000 litres water volume (approx. 58 watts)

- Extremely quiet and smooth operation due to "ULTRA SILENT" pump with
housing decoupling
- Easy and convenient adjustment through App control
- Alternative setting option through supplied controller with
feed stop button and 0-10 V connection
- Power-saving 24 V pump
- High air intake, optimised bubble pattern due to new optimised Power Wheel
- Innovative Foam Rails ensure precise bubble guidance in the
skimmer housing
- Directed foam formation due to Bubble Booster in the base plate
- Foam development electronically and manually adjustable
- Noise reduction due to adjustable water outlet at the bottom of the housing
- Overpressure protection in the foam cup due to Cup Control
- Incl. effective silencer
- Small footprint due to compact design
- Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning
- Optimal filter pool adjustment due to variable pump position



For more details, see Aqua Medic

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Aqua Medic Ocean Queen