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News: AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT - For an optimal ecosystem


AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT is an innovative product consisting of two components, which ensures an optimal ecosystem with crystal-clear, algae-free water through a powerful bacteria culture.

Press information:

The capsule in the closure of the package contains a balanced mixture of bacteria and enzymes, which are preserved by freeze-drying in an inactive state and therefore have a very long shelf life. By turning the lid the capsule is opened, activating the bacteria in a nutrient solution.

AQUAVITAL BACTOSPRINT activates the ecosystem in the aquarium when the aquarium is newly set up (shortens the after cleaning and replacement or partial replacement of the filter material, after damage to the micro-organisms by a drug treatment, in case of an imbalance of the ecosystem (load of ammonium/ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), for regular strengthening of the ecosystem (recommendation: every 14 days).


New now in 3 pack sizes:

-        for aquariums up to 100 l (ideal for Nano aquaristics

-       for aquariums 100 - 500 l

-       6-week cure for aquariums 100 - 500 l


Aquarium Münster Pahlsmeier GmbH

Galgheide 8

D-48291 Telgte

Phone: 02504 / 9304-0

Telefax: 02504 / 9304-20


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