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Understand your lighting - Because light is food - The PARWISE from ITC Reefculture has arrived in stores

ITC Reefculture - PARWISE. Perfect growth rates need three things: the right wavelengths, the right light intensity and both for the right time. Light changes with depth and clarity, as do the needs of plants and animals. The Parwise costs around 259 EUR incl. VAT. Find out more in the presentation.

About ITC Reefculture

ITC Reefculture was born out of a desire to provide high quality, unique and functional tools for all levels of aquarists. Tools and accessories that help us all to keep our aquariums and the inhabitants in better shape. keep them in better shape. Animal welfare is at the heart of our business, be it in the making tools for those who simply keep a reef tank, coral keep, coral spawning, fragging or stopping pests! PARwise is our latest tool that puts an end to the question of what setting my lights should have, whether it be brightness, colour (spectrum) or photoperiod. PARwise enables you to make the right decisions about your lighting settings and to share and discuss lighting with the reef reef community, with accuracy - regardless of whether your organism is whether your organism is aquatic or not.

Main description

Perfect. growth rates need three things: the right wavelengths, the right Light intensity and both for the right time. Light changes with depth and clarity as do the needs of plants and animals. Unfortunately the human eye is not very good at understanding lighting conditions and colours! PARwise provides you with an easy to use light meter that will give you a deep understanding of your lighting and how to and how to adjust it to perfection. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom


1. WHAT IS IT! - PARwise is a unique exposure meter with the ability to measure the spectrum. It can be used underwater and has a special mode for us in the air. Two light meters in one! It gives you all the relevant lighting measurements that are required to make informed decisions about your light settings and your photoperiod. photoperiod.

2. WHAT IT MEASURES - PARwise measures 'PAR' (PPFD - Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. μMol/m2/S, Kelvin (colour temperature), LUX, Spectrum, DLI (Daily Light Integral), Peak Wavelength, Hue (as colour)

3. HOW IT WORKS - PARwise uses our proprietary, internally manufactured and designed designed optical engine that sits underneath a user replaceable cosine corrector to uniformly "read" the spectral content and amount of light, and the amount of light hitting it uniformly. We then determine the results on board in PARwise and send them via USB to your device for display them. Our web-based app automatically downloads to your device (Windows, (Windows, macOS, Android) the first time you use it to give you full offline use. to allow you full offline use. We include a free USB-C adapter for Android smartphones, tablets and modern computers (Mac / PC), that don't have a full-size USB port. Connects to most things, but will but unfortunately will not connect to an iOS device.

4. HOW USE MAN - Visit the PARwise website online for the first time in a Google Chrome-based web browser and simply place the sensor next to your photosynthetic organism such as a coral or plant, and then take a take a measurement. Use the pause button on the screen to take the reading in that position. take the reading in that position, note it down and reference reference your spectrum with a known spectral response curve or other light light settings you want to copy or adjust! Use DLI, to adjust your day length up or down, and to transfer the same amount of light energy into the system in 24 hours. You can find examples in our LEARN section on our website.

Finally, you only need to be online once to get our handy web app into your Chrome-based browser browser and install itself. install itself. No app installation or user account required. It's that simple it is!

Contact Sales Germany / Austria via Zoologischer Fachbedarf

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robertbaur on 29.12.22#1
Eine sehr interessante Sache finde ich, allerdings schade dass IOS auf dem Handy nicht möglich ist. Aber alles was USB hat geht :)
Guten Rutsch euch allen.
lg vom Team.

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