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How a marine aquarium is created Part 21: Cyanos, fish and DIY aquarium net cover

fertige DIY Aquarium Netzabdeckung

Now you can see how the cyanobacteria are progressing. The first fish have now moved in, 1 Armatus coral guard, Neocirrhites armatus, 4 flag perch, Pseudanthias randalli and 2 arrow gobies, Nemateleotris decora followed a few days later by 2 Gramma loreto. And we are building a DIY aquarium net cover.

Since we were on holiday for a longer period of time, the Red X did not work for 5 days, as shown in the instructions, but for 10 days. After that, the absorbers were immediately reinstalled and the light was gradually adjusted from pure blue back to normal. So far 14 days have now passed and the cyanos have not reappeared. Thanks for that.

To prevent possible questions. There were no animal losses. There were no fish in the tank, hermits, snails, corals etc. all without any signs of discomfort.

Summarising the important things once again:

10 ml / 100 litres daily for 6 days - then 5 days duration of action.
Do not change the water during the treatment period and do not use carbon, adsorbers, ozone or UV.
Suction off all existing deposits if possible.

After the effective period has expired - i.e. after 11 days at the earliest - you can go over to normal care.

We are currently doing a Rebiotic cure, just to rebuild the bacteria. This takes about 4-6 weeks.

Now about our aquarium mesh cover:

DIY aquarium mesh cover:

Because we would have had to make 3 cut-outs each in the D-D and Redsea solution (2 for the LED put-on holders, 1 for the drain well) we approached the issue differently.

Step 1 was to find the right mesh. The one from D-D, for example, has a mesh size of 7mm, the one from Red Sea has 8mm.  Fortunately, the net from Redsea is available as a replacement. The net costs a moderate 8.50 euros. As a search term, please simply enter:  Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover Replacement Net 4m x 80cm 

In the second step, we then ordered a fly screen with frame via a  well-known marketplace. It is important that the frame is made of aluminium. It is usually stated whether the dimensions can be changed and cut to size. This should be the case with most of them nowadays. Our fly screen frame cost us 26 euros.

Rahmenteile zuschneiden und zusammenstecken

fertiger Rahmen

Das Netzeinspannen und dann mit Cuttermesser den Überstand abschneidenr

fertige DIY Aquarium Netzabdeckung

Well, have fun building and making it. Of course there is also a video on this.


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