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How a marine aquarium is created-Part 5: The current Part 2

der Rotor im Gehäuse

Now it's time to put the 2 Tunze Streams into operation properly. Above all, however, it is time to get the second to work together with the first. To do this, connect both controllers with a cable available from Tunze.

In order to achieve the best possible flow distribution, it is possible to use two or even more pumps instead of one large pump, which often results in better flow. Multiple alternating flow has also proven to be particularly good. This is especially useful for removing deposits from the bottom when the flow changes suddenly. The trade has suitable equipment for controlling this.

Two or more pumps that can be controlled together are a lot of fun. Here we show you the solution chosen for our aquarium, based on the Tunze Stream 3.

Here is the 2nd video on the Tunze Streams:

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