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How a seawater aquarium is created Part 11: the skimmer is installed

Now that the Armatus 400 is up and running, it is time to install the skimmer. Based on a recommendation, we have chosen the K2 from Aqua Medic. Here you can see how it is installed.

The protein separator is still the most common device for water purification and has been established for many years. There are, of course, other systems that work without a separator, e.g. the sludge filter system or the Jaubert system.

Smaller aquariums that are operated by regular water changes sometimes do without them. Here, regular water changes are a good way of counteracting excessive nutrient levels.


The Mud Filter System (Miracle Mud)


An extra basin (hang on, or additional basin under the main basin) provides a refuge in which the mud (also called Miracle Mud) and fast-growing algae (Caulerpa) are introduced. A pump delivers water into the system, it then passes through three chambers and flows back again. This system does not use a skimmer at all, as the pollutants are degraded entirely by the sludge and algae growth.






The Jaubert System


The actual Jaubert System is a high layer of substrate, preferably not less than 10 cm. As we all know from aquaristics, denitrification, which is important for us, takes place in a low oxygen zone.

The high substrate provides this anaerobic zone. However, the Jaubert system has not caught on here in the country !


The most common method is therefore still the so-called Berlin method, in which a skimmer is used in addition to live stones.




The most common method is still the so-called Berlin method, in which a skimmer is used in addition to live stones.


What does a shearer do and how does the principle work?

In all skimmers, as many air bubbles as possible are produced by various systems such as venturi, needle wheel, thread wheel, grid wheel, or a mixture of these. (Note: Lime wood strings are hardly ever used today. )

The buoyancy of substances is artificially increased by the accumulation of fine air bubbles. To prevent the air bubbles arriving at the water surface from bursting, which would cause the dirt particles to sink, the air bubbles must be kept very small. Protein molecules then accumulate on the surface of the air bubbles. They form a solid, often dark foam. This foam is now pushed through the contact tube and rises upwards into the collection container.

There are a few decisive factors here. Very fine bubbles often mean a much longer dwell time in the contact area of the shear. The longer the residence time, the better the adhesion of the protein molecules to the bubbles. The protein molecule now attaches itself to the boundary surface between air and water.

The longer the residence time, the better the attachment of the protein molecules to the bubbles.

When it comes to shearers, opinions sometimes differ: they range from simple to very high quality, from a few 100 to over 1000 euros. On the recommendation of Claude Schuhmacher, we chose the K2 Skimmer from Aqua Medic for our 400 litre tank. It is functional and has a good performance, according to the tenor. In addition, its price is in the mid-range.



Dischargers of the K series are offered in three sizes:
- K 1
for aquariums from 100 to 500 litres
- K 2 for aquariums from 200 to 1,000 litres
- K 3 for aquariums from 300 to 1,500 litres.


- Adjustable 24 V pump DC Runner incl. controller with feed stop button and 0-10 V connection


- High air intake, optimal bubble pattern due to new Power Wheel


- Quiet operation due to adjustable water outlet at the bottom of the housing


- Freely positionable silencer

- Sound absorber.

- Shape development electronically and manually adjustable


- Small footprint due to compact design

- Completely adjustable.

- Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning

Technische Details K1, K2, K3

And now here is the video of the K2 being put into operation:

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