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How a marine aquarium is created Part 35: We change our substrate - Tonga Pearls

After one year of operation of our Aqua Medic Armatus 400, our nitrate value seemed to increase and was almost 30 mg/l when analysed. Replacing the dirty substrate is one of the measures, along with reducing the additions of MinS and Organic (food and trace elements) We will report further.

But somehow I don't want to do without any substrate at all. If you do, you should always proceed carefully and not change all the sand at once. Because that's also a piece of biology that's going on. So we tried out the new Tonga Perals from Aqua Medic on a small section.

This is how the manufacturer writes about the new substrate:

Tonga Pearls are a completely new and thus unique lime material produced under controlled conditions, whose composition and crystal structure correspond to natural coral sand. Due to its composition and the very white appearance, Tonga Pearls are ideally suited as substrate in marine aquariums.

Tonga Pearls are also ideal for invertebrates such as anemones, cylinder roses, tubeworms and also wrasses, as the animals can burrow in with ease. Furthermore, this substrate is well chewed by gobies. The crystal structure of Tonga Pearls corresponds to the lime skeleton of corals and thus lays the foundation for a well-functioning aquarium. Tonga Pearls are not fossil material. They are neither extracted by quarrying nor taken from the sea and are therefore resource-friendly and free of any impurities.

Source: Aqua Medic - Tonga Pearls


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christianbernhardt on 30.03.20#1
Wie sind die erfahrungen bisher ??
robertbaur on 30.03.20#2
Ich selber hatte ja nur eine handvoll der Perals drin und da passt es. Besser aber noch andere Meinungen einholen die mehr Sand verwenden, z.b. Facebook Meerwassergruppen. Da haben es einige in Verwendung.
vg Robert

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