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How a saltwater aquarium is created Part 19: Dosing system (Reefdoser Evo 4) and Detaylor holder

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To avoid having to manually dose various liquids every day, it is advisable to automate these processes. In contrast to the past, the market today is full of different models. Many can be expanded from 4 to 8 channels by means of additional modules, or you can even purchase 6-channel systems. Fortunately, Detaylor provided us with a specially made holder for the Reefdoser Evo 4, which we used to fit the system into the small cabinet.

Everyone who now works with Balling salts will sooner or later get the idea of automating this process. In addition to the usual liquids such as calcium, magnesium and KH, there are other liquids that you may want to add, such as plankton or others. In any case, such a dosing system is more than practical and also affordable.

The market offers many dosing systems, including some that can be expanded with additional channels.

Dosing systems are available at very low prices, but also somewhat more expensive, and then usually a little more precise. ARKA, GHL, Kamoer or Grotech for example. Grotech is certainly the quality pioneer and has many years of experience and a good reputation.

In the approx. 100 euro class there are functional dosing units from ATI, Jebao or AquaMedic. For around 150, Dupla with its Dosing Pump is also worth considering.

A very precise dosing system is to be launched by Redsea at the end of the year. We reported on this at Interzoo with a video of the ReefDosefrom RedSea. Unfortunately, prices have not yet been fixed.

What I personally liked very much about the Aqua Medic reefdoser is theseparate control panel, which is a great advantage when operating it in a small cabinet.

Reefdoser Evo4

Just these days (September 2018 ) Kamoer is coming out with a smaller the Kamoer F4 with Wifi connection and App control (Android and IOS) for approx. for about 229 € on the market. This would then be even more convenient, as you can then make a change the additions without having to go to the dosing system. (I know .... a luxury problem)

Since our small cupboard compartment is not really big, I had to come up with something. The dosing system only goes in lengthwise. Even the 5-litre canisters from the Balling system don't go in there together with all the power cables.

That's why we resorted to 3 1.5 litre Bubble Magus canisters. Cost approx. 75 euros. But there are also other solutions, just google them.

For the dosing system itself, we got a holder via Detaylor, a custom-made one. It costs about 30 to 35 euros. It worked really well Ron! But you can also see it in the video.

Add a hose holder for 4 hoses and the whole thing is finished.






I think the most important thing is the calibration process we show in the video!

With the Aqua Medic reefdoser EVO 4, the four integrated dosing pumps can be controlled independently. Dosing is manual or automatic, all pumps can be calibrated individually. The interval control allows a wide range of settings - from every second to every day. Thus, the reefdoser EVO 4 can take on a variety of tasks:
- regular dosing of trace elements and fertiliser in marine and freshwater aquariums
- calcium and hydrogen carbonate addition in coral reef aquariums
- addition of lime water
- automatic feeding with live plankton
- the external controller can be placed in a user-friendly way and enables very simple programming.

Expansion possibility to a total of eight dosing pumps through reefdoser add 4

Scope of delivery:
- Controller
- Dosing station (without expansion module reefdoser add 4)
- Power supply

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