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Osmosis is osmosis? Not at all.

Our experience with the change from the old Omose system to the new myArka 1900.

Hello all,

As I'm sure most of you older aquarists know, we had a large 1000 litre aquarium in operation from 1993 to 2008. aquarium in operation. Later on, I hope well documented on YouTube, we also had a a 400-litre tank from 2018 to September 2021, which at least many many should still know. Due to frequent professional absences from home, we decided to take a break for the time being. Because Either completely or not at all. Running a business like this on the side is not what our animals deserve that.

What has always accompanied us in the years of aquarium keeping was the usual things like lights, skimmers, pumps and so on, but also a good osmosis system. a good osmosis system. For me it is simply a guarantee that no crap gets into the tank. to put it casually. Especially with the partly sensitive corals, I personally don't want to run the risk of a peak. that just one peak of "bad" will ruin the tank. It is tap water quality is usually only sufficient for fish tanks. sufficient for fish tanks. As I said, I always wanted to eliminate any risk by using an osmosis system with a downstream ultra-pure water filter.


Even now, after we no longer have a tank, we nevertheless osmosis water on a regular basis. Yes, indeed in fact we have been drinking this type of purified water for many years. When I recently posted this in my favourite Facebook group, there was a mega-rage. there was a huge outcry. That would be dangerous, that would be deadly etc. was part of the tenor. part of the tenor.

Of course I am aware that ultra-pure water tends to to extract substances from the body. However, this would only happen if the body was already dehydrated, such as after running a marathon. Since we not only drink osmosis water and eat a decent diet, I don't see any disadvantage. disadvantage. On the contrary. We minimise 95 % of everything that is in the water, both the good and the bad. good as well as the bad. With silicate, probably a little less, but the specialist trade has the specialist trade has some great solutions. Whereas silicate would be more of a nuisance in the tank, less so with regard to drinking water.

A reverse osmosis system removes a large part of the organic, metallic but also mineral substances from the water conducted. The retention rate here is about 95%. An exception is silicate, which is retained somewhat less. This is our experience so far with many years of operation.

We can find a lot of information on the web that, from left to right, deals with the pros and cons. For and against. For example, some of the following links.

I can only go by the two of us now, who have been using osmosis water regularly for a good 5 osmosis water on a regular basis for a good 5 years now. As written not exclusively, but not just a little. In addition, our water is treated with a so-called with a so-called gemstone bar before drinking it. Now this is not really my topic, but my topic, but Claudia does it that way and I drink it :-) There are enough ways to remineralise possibilities to remineralise water.

Wasserproduktion mit 15 Liter in 15 Minuten

Unsere Wasservorräte

I would also like to mention that osmosis systems are not there because of aquaristics. not because of aquaristics, but are actually only an offshoot for aquaristics. aquaristics.

It is well known that there are many different osmosis systems. Simple ones with poor ratio of waste water to pure water, usually also slow in daily output, which then naturally also differ in price. price.

But now to our new system from ARKA.

Key data:

ARKA myAQUA® 1900 filters quickly and up to 99 % of salts, bacteria and pollutants, such as nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals. nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals, from tap water, making it safe for use in any making it safe for use in any marine or freshwater aquarium. freshwater aquarium.

ARKA myAQUA® 1900 achieves a water yield of up to 1:1 and contains only natural filter materials, without chemical additives.

ARKA myAQUA® 1900 can be connected to standard household water pipes thanks to the accessories supplied.

A year ago, we had the opportunity to connect to the then still quite new myAqua myAqua 1900 from ARKA, which was still quite new at the time. The 1900 refers to the number of litres that would be feasible per day. This is certainly also due to the pressure of the pipe and the temperature during use.

There are three interesting videos on YT that actually explain the advantages of this system. of this system. I have therefore no longer taken the trouble to make a copy of the already existing one. I can gladly recommend these recommend to watch.

The video clearly shows a very good performance and also otherwise how the system works.

I was also more concerned here with the processing of the thing in relation to drinking water. There is no question in my mind that the system is great. After several months in operation, I have become a real fan of the system. It's chic, it's fast, it delivers a good value for the purity to waste water ratio, what more could you ask for. I think that is sufficiently well known.

Our previous system always took about 19-20 minutes for a 5 litre tank. 19-20 minutes for a 5 litre container. The ARKA 1900 takes 5 minutes to do this. I now manage our 3 containers in 15 minutes, in the past it took about 1 hour.

This is our residual after osmosis without silicate filter. Before the system we had well over 200!

TDS Meter ist mit dabei.

Of course, everything I write here is also advertising for the product, that simply cannot be avoided. However, I think that one should things that are good, it's okay to take sides. That way others also have a benefit.

When buying an osmosis system, make sure that you get a good value for the waste water to pure water. value of the waste water to the pure water. Of course, there are many cheaper systems, but they usually have a much worse ratio and yes, they also take much longer. You simply have to calculate this against the value of the purchase.

Personally, I am very taken with the My Aqua 1900. Above all, the fact that you have a concrete option for flushing the system is now very important to me. All in all, it's a good choice by ARKA. On the ARKA website you can also find a good picture

Umschalter für Wasser oder Osmoseanlage

Of course you also have to change the filters here. Here, by the way, you don't have to change the whole cartridge, only the contents. Both are available. The refill filter is about 11 EUR, the carbon about 14 EUR. These filters should be changed regularly. From an aquaristic point of view, I changed the pre-filter and carbon filter every 6 months, the membrane usually after about 1 year.

For aquarists, it is of course advisable to add a silicate filter. Here, too, you can use an ARKA product. This type of resin filter is available in sizes ranging from small to large, whereby the ARKA myAQUA ® Multifilter 4000 with a total capacity of 4 litres would be my first choice.

And for those who are still worried about damaging themselves, they can Mineralise your osmosis water again afterwards :-)

Saline greetings Robert

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RedSea100 on 24.11.23#1
Ich nutze auch seit Jahren das Osmosewasser zum trinken. Allerdings ausschließlich für den Kaffeevollautomaten. Ist gar kein Problem und man erspart sich das entkalken von Geräten.

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