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Press release FM - REEF ICP Test TOTAL The highly precise, professional seawater analysis from our ICP laboratory. incl. RO water test, nitrate, salinity, fluorine and many other important parameters in one test.



The Fauna Marin Reef ICP TOTAL Test provides a quick and easy overview of overview of 90 different measurements and ratios in seawater.

From macroelements macro elements, trace elements, nutrients and pollutants. nutrients and pollutants with corresponding dosing and action recommendations.
With the REEF ICP TEST TOTAL you can also test your osmosis or test your osmosis or source water for impurities. This is included free of charge with every test.

The Fauna Marin REEF ICP TOTAL test is the most comprehensive laboratory test for seawater and contains over over 90 different measurements and ratios.

We measure your sample with professional high sample with professional high performance atomic emission spectrometers of the latest design, HSA seawater analysers, ion chromatography and much more.

Your benefits

The following macro and trace elements are measured:
Sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, iodine, sulphur, phosphate, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, lithium, molybdenum, iron, bromine, chromium, cobalt, beryllium, vanadium, zinc, antimony, copper, barium, selenium, cadmium, tin, aluminium, titanium, nickel, scandium, zirconium, silver, tungsten, lanthanum, arsenic, mercury.

In addition, salinity, ratio values, nitrate, nitrite, fluoride,orthophosphate and much more are tested

with ICP analysis kits for seawater analysis are clean, quick and easy to use. samples can be taken and sent cleanly, quickly and easily

In your In your laboratory test kit you will find 4 sample tubes, as well as peelable stickers with a sample number. These are stuck on the sample the sample tubes for identification. The sample number is a unique laboratory number. It simplifies queries and serves for the reliable allocation of your samples.

1-2 working days after receipt of your samples at the Fauna Marin ICP laboratory, you will receive the results of your samples, as well as the dosage and recommendations for action in your customer account. analysis package price includes the costs for the complete water analysis, as well as the sample set. Access to our laboratory software, the analysis data and the constantly growing knowledge database is free of charge! free of charge!

Your advantages:

Safety advice:

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