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the ultimate glass rose, algae and strudel worm destroyer? Reef Delete from ITC

Reef Delete is the ultimate tool for pest control and aquarium maintenance. Whether it's glass rose, algae or flatworms Reef Delete takes care of it all and more thanks to its powerful UV-C beam. The unique, proprietary wavelength destroys the DNA in the cells of a target organism, causing cell function to stop and the pest to eventually be damaged and naturally eliminated without return.

This is achieved without using chemicals or accidentally harming other aquarium inhabitants. Unlike chemical treatments, you cannot overdose Reef Delete when used in a targeted manner. The more often the application is repeated, the faster the pest is controlled without fear of harming the water chemistry!

The Reef Delete behaves completely differently to a "burning" laser and is inherently safer as it does not reflect. UV-C ensures that the pests' DNA is irrevocably damaged instead of being burnt off by the laser. Reef Delete uses extremely high-quality, customised optics with an ultra-narrow beam on its LED, including an outer lens made of quartz.

This has all been built into a submersible, high quality CNC aluminium housing and is IP68 certified. The special optics help Reef Delete penetrate the UV-C deep into the target organism.

To make Reef Delete safe to use, it has a built-in safety feature to protect against accidental activation outside the aquarium, to protect the user and against accidental activation.

Reef Delete cannot be activated outside of the water and will automatically shut off.

Reef Delete works on all pests incl. Aiptasia, Manjano, invasive Xenia, Zoanthids, Cyanobacteria, Algae, Flatworms etc. to name a few, and all other soft tissue organisms that can be a nuisance in the reef aquarium.

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