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This is the new LED VERVVE G3 from Giesemann

It's finally here! The new LED VerVVe G3. A high-power LED with 170 watts. Available in polar white and iridium grey. An LED luminaire that covers an area of 80cm x 70cm and 80cm in height. But you can see more about it in the video we shot. In addition, there are also key data on the LED.

The video:

From Experience and Passion

We do not limit ourselves simply to blue and one white but the LED configuration of the new VervVe G3 LED aquarium lighting aquarium lighting includes 6 channels.
This composition offers the highest performance and guarantees the perfect lighting for marine aquariums.


By dispensing with highly concentrating lenses and using a diffuser disc,
perfect illumination is achieved for surfaces 80 x 70 cm and depths up to 80 cm.
The entire light of the VERVvE G3 is directed into the aquarium without loss and similar to a T5.


The perfect Reef Light

With a power consumption of up to 170 watts, state-of-the-art high Power LEDs and uniform homogeneous illumination, it is one of the most effective lights in aquaristics. The use of a diffuser in combination with optimal PAR & PUR values diffuser in combination with optimal PAR & PUR values makes the VervVe G3 the perfect perfect reef lighting.
The design speaks for itself and the workmanship is of the highest level.


We also used the latest technology for the control system and every Vervve G3 can now be controlled with our lynk Control App.
Thanks to the new smart Giesemann lynk - Lightcontrol Wi-Fi App VervVe G3 can be controlled directly without any other peripherals. Use our well thought-out presettings in Easy Mode or the comprehensive extensive Professional Mode.
Simply share your preferred light profile with other users via Whatsapp or e-mail with other users. The lynk app is available free of charge Store and in the Google Playstore.

Mounting options

The VerVve G3 LED aquarium light can be used with our separately mounting options available separately. You have the choice between the cable mounting system also in combination with wall brackets or our universal aquarium mounting brackets . Of course, on request in colour to match your luminaire.




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