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NEW: plankton light reactor PRO

Cultivation unit for plankton breeding

The plankton light reactor PRO with a filling volume of approx. 50 litres is a simple system for producing plankton in a natural food chain. Microalgae are cultivated in the plankton light reactor PRO using light, fertilizer and the carbon dioxide content of the air. These can be fed directly to many filter-feeding invertebrates, or used to breed zooplankton. The integrated 50 W LED lighting ensures sufficient light and therefore a good reproduction rate. With a sufficient nutrient content, the mass of algae can quadruple in 24 hours. The plankton light reactor PRO is equipped with an air connection including a regulating tap. A hose, also with a regulating tap, is attached to the reactor for easy partial removal of plankton.
Saltwater or freshwater algae, phytoplankton and zooplankton can be cultivated. For ventilation, we recommend our air pump Mistral 2000 II or larger types.

Technical data:
- Ø app. 300 mm, made of acrylic
- total height: app. 1,250 mm incl. light
- LED lighting approx. 50 W, ˜ 6.200 K
- base: approx. 500 x 500 mm
- hose connection for air supply: 10/14 mm
- incl. regulating tap with PVC hose (20/24)

Included in shipment:
- plankton light reactor PRO
- LED lighting 50 W incl. MEAN WELL power supply unit
- 2 m PVC hose for air supply with regulating tap (10/14)
- 1 m PVC hose with regulating tap (20/24)
- Power transformer 230 V/50 Hz

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