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News: The Smart Tester from Reef Factory

In April there was an interesting announcement from Reef Factory about their new planned Smart Tester. With the PIPER and the KORALLENWÄCHTER, three more systems for measurement analysis are now waiting for market maturity.

We recently told you that there's so much going on at the Reef Factory lately! We are working on new equipment, new Smart Reef features and developing new solutions that will change marine aquatics forever!

Today we want to briefly update you on the progress of our work on the Smart Tester.
We are just finishing work on a fully functional prototype of the device!!! The prototype will go into beta testing in 3-4 weeks.

Once it passes testing, it will go into the production phase. We take care of planning and launching the production and then bring the smart tester to the market. If all goes according to plan, the device will be available for sale in Q3 2022! However, as always with our products, we do not focus on the time of a product launch - we focus on the highest quality and measurement accuracy.

Smart Tester will be a brilliant proposition for aquarists - it will provide extremely accurate measurements of Ca, Mg, PO4, NO3 (and more parameters), will be very versatile, and the connection with the Smart Reef App will be amazing as usual. We are also working on the price aspect - we want the Smart Tester to have a very competitive market price.
Naturally remember, today we're showing you an actual prototype. The shape and launch date may change after the beta testing phase. We'll keep you posted!

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