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News: The new REEF FLARE PRO from Reef Factory

SMART and the most powerful light on the market. Designed from the ground up by the development team with the vision of creating a slim, low-profile, lightweight fixture that doesn't compromise on performance. With a 200% higher PAR output than the previous model, we believe the new Reef Flare Pro is the most technically advanced light on the market.

New design and styling. New advanced optics, super quiet cooling, high PAR output, broad balanced spectrum, effective aquarium coverage and an improved user interface make for the next generation of LED lighting for the marine aquarium.

Key Features

The most powerful Smart LED light on the market
Flat, slim design
High PAR/PUR coefficient
Ultra-efficient cooling system
Advanced optics deliver a mixed spectrum and maximum coverage
Smart Reef controlled from anywhere in the world

The Reef Flare Pro is the most innovative Reef Factory design ever developed. The development team considered every detail to achieve the desired level of performance. From electronics and an ultra-efficient cooling system to LED selection and advanced optics, the team has created the most efficient luminaire in its class on the market. Provides high PAR and a mixed spectrum that is evenly distributed throughout the aquarium.
Product design and weight were important issues we considered during the design process. As a result, we have an LED luminaire that is only 3cm high and lightweight.

EOI optics
New optics have been developed to create lenses that produce a highly diffused light source that achieves maximum coverage and reduces hotspots. This is a problem often associated with LED luminaires. This goal was achieved by developing an optimal shape of corrective lens in combination with the type of LED diode used.
A large PAR coefficient spreads evenly throughout the aquarium. This innovative new smart fixture promotes maximum coral growth, health and colouration.
Due to the modular style of the fixtures, multiple fixture sizes can be grouped and controlled in the Smart Reef App, allowing you to select the right number and combination for your aquarium.
The Reef Flare Pro range is available in 3 sizes:S/M/L
LED sized aquarium cover:

Reef Flare PRO S - cover area up to 60 x 60 cm, depth up to 60 cm and more.
Reef Flare PRO M - Cover area up to 80 x 70 cm, depth up to 70 cm and more.
Reef Flare PRO L - Cover area up to 90 x 70 cm, depth up to 70 cm and more.

Colour options available
Black - full spectrum
White - full spectrum
Blue - blue spectrum
New updated interface panel

A new improved light management panel. Larger sliders, the ability to enter the percentage of each colour channel. Added to this is the power slider which allows you to easily adjust the overall intensity of the light across all channels when programming.

Astonishing specification
Full spectrum, 7 channels, special selection of colour LEDs. The combination of high quality LEDs combined with modern optics has resulted in our lamp achieving a very high PAR / PUR coefficient. Corals grow better under our lamps and thanks to the right PAR level and selected colour combinations, you will notice more details when looking at your corals.
For the Reef flare PRO project, Reef Factory employed specialised optical designers with many years of experience in this field. It was a big challenge because the competition set the bar high. Finally, we achieved a goal and the result of this project is a device that mixes the light perfectly and covers the aquarium effectively.

Smart Reef + 16 Smart Products
Reef Factory now offers 16 types of Smart products for marine aquarists, and the number is constantly growing. Customers can build their own aquarium management system based on Smart products, all of which they can manage from one APP.
No central computer required.

Further link: Reef Factory

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