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News: ARKA In-Line TDS measuring device

Available now ! The ideal supplement for every reverse osmosis system! Everyone who uses a reverse osmosis system knows that the TDS value (dissolved solids) is decisive for the quality of the osmosis water. So that you can easily and reliably keep an eye on it at all times, we now offer an inline TDS measuring device as the perfect supplement to every reverse osmosis system.

The new ARKA Aquatics myAqua® Inline TDS Meter. measures the amount of TDS (dissolved solids) in the water permanently and reliably. in the water. It is simply connected to the osmosis water outlet by means of the supplied 1/4 inch adapter. to the osmosis water outlet hose of the respective reverse osmosis system. switched on and you can read the current TDS value from the display. from the display.

In addition, the inline TDS meter has a colour display for easy classification of the TDS value: Green light: 0-50 ppm /// Blue light: 51-300 ppm /// Red light: >300 ppm
Technical data: Measuring range TDS: 0-999 ppm

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Operating temperature: 0-50 °C

Battery type: CR2450 lithium battery (included)

Our new Inline TDS meter is the ideal complement to our ARKA Aquatics myAqua® - series and the ARKA Aquatics myAqua® 190/380 (Go to product page - click here) as well as ARKA Aquatics myAqua® 1900


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