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The Coral Finder Issue 2022

The Coral Finder currently comes in its 5th version as edition 2022 and has of course been revised again accordingly. It is one of THE reference books for aquarists who want to identify their corals easier and better.

We first reported on the work back in 2015. Link

A precise coral identification can be quite a tricky undertaking, as we already experienced with Charly Veron's standard work, the multi-volume "Corals of the World. We often succeeded - but not always - in identifying the corals accurately on the basis of the photos alone. We were allowed to use many of Veron's pictures in the marine encyclopaedia, which has definitely helped us a lot. Nevertheless, it is difficult to accurately identify a coral just by looking at a photo. It's really difficult, especially with certain species. A little tip: In addition to our marine encyclopaedia, you can also use the page of Corals of the World for your search. It shows a lot of nature images.

Now, however, to the Coral Finder. We don't have it ourselves, but would like to point out the work.

Russell Kelley's Coral Finder Guide.

This 2022 edition of the Coral Finder guides, now in its fifth edition and second annual revision, is updated with all new species and especially the revised classification.

The 2021 edition of Coral Finder was one of the best new "aquarium" products of the past year, according to Reefbuilders, and the new revision continues Mr. Kelley's goal of bringing the most accurate and user-friendly guide to coral identification, bar none.
With more than 1700 images on 80 pages, Coral Finder 2022 is very comprehensive in terms of rare and unusual corals found from the Red Sea in the far west of the Indian Ocean to Easter Island in the far east of the Pacific Ocean.

At under US$60, Coral Finder is one of the best investments curious aquarists can make.

Source (among others):

Russel Kelley / Byoguides:

The fully revised and up-to-date 5th edition of the book, for identifying corals, is now available. Indo Pacific Coral Finder provides easy genus-level coral identification anywhere between the Red Sea and Easter Island.

Over 1730 images and expanded genus coverage Updated to reflect molecular taxonomy as of March 2022 Includes a bibliography on the molecular literature Double visual coverage (80 pages) of Coral Finder 3.0 Not for underwater use


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