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When the power goes out .... Amtra Air System UPS Emergency Aerator Pump with Rechargeable Battery

What do you do if the power fails? The Amtra aerator pump might be an idea, at least for smaller aquariums. An emergency aerator pump with rechargeable battery in three different sizes to prevent the oxygen content from dropping. It automatically detects a power failure and switches itself on from standby mode.

Product information "Amtra Air System UPS Emergency Aerator Pump with Battery"

AMTRA AIR SYSTEM UPS - the EMERGENCY aerator pump. The worst scenario that can happen to an aquarist is a power failure while you are away from home. Filter, feed and flow pumps as well as standard aeration pumps fail immediately and the oxygen content drops below the survival limit within a few minutes. If no action is taken within a short time, this can mean the end of all inhabitants.

The AMTRA AIR SYSTEM UPS is an extremely quiet and highly efficient aquarium air pump that instantly detects a power failure and then immediately switches itself on from standby to rescue aquarium stock with an emergency supply of air. A built-in powerful lithium battery provides up to 20 hours of operation to ensure that fish, filter bacteria, corals, etc. receive a basic supply of acid and gases from pollutant degradation processes are expelled.

Included in the scope of delivery is a matching aeration kit FREE OF CHARGE, consisting of air hose, outflow stone(s), non-return valve(s) and power cable

variant 60:

variant 120:

variant 360:

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