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Tropic Marin® Phos-Start & Tropic Marin® Phos-Feed

Tropic Marin presented their new products in detail in a video at Interzoo. It is about the better nutrient supply of the corals, even in the so-called start-up phase.

Just like in the natural reef, Tropic Marin® Phos-Start and Tropic Marin® Phos-Feed are the first products to use insoluble particles to feed corals. These microparticles can be filtered out of the water by corals without permanently polluting the water with dissolved phosphate.
- Tropic Marin® Phos-Start contains particulate phosphates in combination with bacterial food, calcium and trace elements and is particularly suitable for the start-up phase.

- Tropic Marin® Phos-Feed contains particulate phosphates in combination with selected trace elements and can be used permanently in the aquarium.

Both products work effectively directly on the coral and provide important nutrients.

Link to Tropic Marin

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