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A visit to Kölle Zoo in Karlsruhe

Directly after the visit to Weil am Rhein, we went on to Karlsruhe. There, too, we did an interview with the person in charge of the seawater department. Take a look at the virtual report on Kölle Zoo Karlsruhe.

Directly after the visit to the Kölle Zoo in Weil am Rhein, we went back to Karlsruhe.

Hereüber informs the Kölle Zoo page with the following info.

The Kölle Zoo Adventure Market in Karlsruhe is located in the industrial area of Hagsfeld, Am Storrenacker 3, and is open Mondays to Fridays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.. On 2,400 m² of retail space, customers get fascinating insights into the world of the South American jungle.

Huge totem poles, a rocky landscape with plants that grow huge and a thicket of trees surrounded by clouds of mist – the Kölle-Zoo in Karlsruhe lives up to its reputation as an adventure market in a class of its own! The terrarium section in the gallery is particularly spectacular. Tree trunks that have been converted into terrariums serve as showcases. A huge jungle painting on the ceiling creates a rainforest flair. An attraction for all aquarium fans is a huge Amazon show tank in the entrance area.

Another special feature at Kölle-Zoo Karlsruhe is the Lottis Häppchen BARF-Shop. Here we offer everything for the species-appropriate raw and grain-free feeding of four-legged friends: frozen meat, vegetable flakes, food supplements & Öle, but also natural snacks as well as grain-free special and gentle foods from well-known manufacturers. Our BARF-trained staff will be happy to show you how easy it is to get started with BARF and will be happy to create an individual diet plan for every four-legged friend free of charge.

Of course we have also made a video here, this time with Andreas. Unfortunately, the sound is not really optimal in some places, somehow the transmitter and receiver did not work 100%. But I think you should still be able to understand everything, if not a bit loud.

What applies to every Kölle Zoo and is particularly noteworthy from our point of view:

1. There are free water tests there


2. There is osmosis and sea water to tap


3. Kölle Zoo prefers offspring of fish, corals even from Germany


4. There is a very large selection of frozen, flake and live food


5. there is a special large plant construction as well as an offer for the maintenance of aquariums


6. Kölle Zoo gives a 100-day Rückgaberecht, financing is possible, as well as a free delivery service


7. Kölle Zoo gives a best price guarantee - which means that you can come back with a printout up to 14 days after purchase and get back what you may have overpaid


8. You can book guided tours for youth groups, children's birthday parties and more.


9. Give shelter animals a 2nd chance -

Kölle-Zoo would like to contribute to the successful and permanent placement of shelter animals in new, loving homes. For this reason, Kölle-Zoo has been supporting customers who give shelter residents a new home since January 2013 with the campaign "Give animals from the shelter a new home" with a shopping voucher worth 15 euros to finance the initial furnishings for the new housemate.

10th Kölle Zoo offers a financing service


In summary, this is the largest market of the Kölle Zoo branches visited so far. Really extensive is the display of mögl aquarium/terrarium systems shown on the first floor. I have never seen so much choice anywhere else. Apart from that, the trade is ultimately centrally regulated, which is why all the processes and offers apply to every market. These are already difficult deals that the market is offering.

However, this is not the case.

Here are a few pictures of the market:

Pictures of the seawater section:

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