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New: D-D dosing pump P1+

Product Information "D-D Dosing Pump P1+". The D-D P1 is a controllable dosing pump from D-D, which can be easily connected to your I-Phone or Android device using the latest technology I-Phone or Android device. UVP: 99,95 €

- Single dosing head
- adjustable dosing range in "auto mode" from 0,5- 6.500 ml
- adjustable dosing range in "manual mode" from 0.1- 6,000 ml
- precision: < +/- 2%

- dosing pump control via I-Phone & Android devices
- compact size/ dimensions: 100 x 60 x 100 mm
- several P1- devices can be "chained" to provide an additional channel if needed
- high quality PharMed tubing in pump head
- flow calibration function

Control functions:
- different operating modes: (manual- automatic- with quick setting)
- user defined start/stop dosing period per day (does not have to be 24 hours; the user can, for instance
can, for example, set automatic dosing from midnight to 6 a.m.)
- 1-12 doses per day
- dosing frequency: daily/ every "x" days/ on specific days of the week
- Delay between doses to avoid mixing of different products
- Monitoring of the amount of liquid in the dosing tank

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klauskastl on 20.07.23#1
Alle D-D Produkte sind leider nur App-gesteuer, es sollte noch eine PC Lösung erstellt werden.

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