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Coral scions made easy - Markus Gerhardus shows us his breeding methods

Once again we were on a very interesting and informative house visit: Our 5th visit to Fish and More in Mudersbach near Siegen was of course recorded in a few videos. The first part is about the coral breeding that is regularly practised there.

Very informative for all those who want to make coral plants, at least in my opinion.

The video shows it quite well.

This is what the dealer writes:

Fish and More:

sea water aquaristics must be simple! We have found that a colourful, lively marine aquarium captivates almost every observer. captivates. You don't have to be a professional aquarist to achieve this. We will show you how, with the help of our individually created with the help of our individual care plan, you can successfully bring a piece of the ocean into your home and call it your own for many years to come.

So we offer not only for beginners, who do not necessarily want to make a science out of this hobby, but also for the more but also for the more advanced.
In our specialist market, about about 95% of the corals on offer are bred by us, so that no unnecessary so that no unnecessary extractions from the wild are needed here. Besides the contribution to the protection of species, this also has the direct advantage that you get very robust corals, where you are spared from unnecessary from unnecessary losses. Our customers receive the same price for all animals that are covered by the Washington Convention on International Trade in a Cites certificate, so that aquarists can pursue their hobby with legal certainty. hobby with legal certainty.
When selecting the fish, we attach great on healthy animals. This already starts with the import - here we do without we refrain from buying cheap poisonous catches and only ever use "handcatched" fish. "handcatched" (caught by hand) fish. More and more species are already being bred, so that we give preference to these animals wherever possible, preference is given to these animals. Our technically highly equipped sales facility does not require any medication, which often causes consequential damage. The healthy, vital fish is our most important asset - as a living being, not just a commodity, but an animal!

Just drop by and let us inspire you!

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