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Aqua Medic: DC Runner 400 - 600 - 800 - 1000 New Universal pump for aquariums

Aqua Medic is currently bringing very inexpensive return pumps onto the market (due to the lack of a controller) that are characterised by a low wattage.

The new DC Runner 400 and 600 will be available from September, the 800 and 1000 are already available.



What makes these pumps stand out.

- "ultra silent" due to optimised control electronics
- For use as a feed and flow pump in marine and freshwater aquariums
- Robust pump housing
- Power-saving 24 V DC motor with high efficiency
- Polished ceramic bearings and axles for optimum running smoothness and
   low-maintenance continuous operation over many years
- Installation only possible under water
- Incl. Transformer 24 V

We also recorded a video on this at our small "Interzoo" on site.

Link to the manufacturer's website: Aqua Medic

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