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Interzoo 2022: Aquaperfekt shows new Rollermat Compact 3 and new fans 2,4,6 compartment


Theiling Rollermat Compact 3

AquaUnited is an association of several companies. In this case, Franko from Aquaperfekt showed us the new Theiling Rollermat Compact 3, which is suitable for aquarium systems from approx. 2000 to 6000 litres. You can find the video and the specifications in the article.

The video:

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The Rollermat removes pollutants from the aquarium water. This relieves the biological filter and the protein skimmer. The result is clear water and healthy fish.

How it works:
The dirty water flows into the dirty water chamber and from there through the fleece back into the filter tank. If the fleece is loaded with dirt particles and the filtration performance decreases, the water level in the dirty water chamber rises. Finally, the motor pulls the fleece a little further and fresh fleece is stretched. Until the whole roll is exhausted. This takes 4 - 6 months - depending on the amount of dirt in the aquarium.
The fleece is so fine that even very fine impurities are filtered out. This removes the dirt from the aquarium before it is biodegraded. This relieves the biofilter and in saltwater the protein skimmer.
The filter pores are so small that even many protozoa, such as the fish parasites freshwater and saltwater Ichtyo cannot pass through the fleece. - This is unique. In the Rollermat there is a float switch. If the water level rises, it sets the motor in motion and the fleece is pulled on - fully automatically.

Features of the Rollermat Compact 3:

 Technical data:

Also new: The Aquaperfekt Power Fans

cooling water temperature of 2 - 4 degrees possible.
Each fan unit can be individually adjusted at an angle of up to 45°.
Two speed levels ensure sufficient air flow on the water surface.
Adapters for discs up to 19mm can be ordered as an option.

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