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Reef Factory introduces a real innovation!

Reef Factory introduces Smart Reef 360 - a comprehensive, innovative method of aquarium management and a new range of chemical products in the coming months!

Smart Reef 360 is a comprehensive approach to running a marine aquarium.

Reef Factory is the world's first company to combine three critical areas - smart equipment, software and reef care products - to create an unprecedented experience in keeping a reef aquarium. Thanks to the Smart Reef 360 method, running a marine aquarium has never been easier or more convenient for an aquarist. It is an easy and safe way to more beautiful colours and faster growth of your corals.

Smart Reef 360 allows you to test the water using any method you prefer, depending on your needs. You can choose from a range of devices that automatically measure the water (KH keeper Plus, pH meter, Thermo control, Thermo view, Salinity guardian and soon Smart tester), ICP-OES lab tests (tests for multiple elements at once) or Smart drip tests.


The test results from all sources are entered into the Smart Reef application. First, they are transferred to the Parameter Panel or ICP Panel, depending on which method you have chosen. Next, the Smart Reef system creates specific supplementation recommendations to maintain the best possible environment for the corals. The final recommendations are then sent to dosing pumps that dispense just the right amounts of Reef Factory's new, high-quality reef care products to provide the elements needed for life and health.

The entire process is very simple and precise, and the new Reef Care product line guarantees spectacular results that will satisfy even the most demanding marine aquarists.

The Smart Reef 360 will be available to users in the coming months with the release of Reef Factory's new Reef Care product line.

Introduction of Reef Factory Lab and a new line of reef care products for marine aquariums

Last year, Reef Factory opened its own chemical and marine aquarium labs. On the one hand, this enables the development of high-quality products for aquarium supplementation and, on the other hand, the continuous assurance of the products' quality.

Dr.-Ing. Magdalena Metzler, head of the scientific department, oversees the entire Reef Factory LAB division. A wide range of researchers and experts ensure the development of new and improved formulas and the maintenance of the high quality and repeatability of the products.

As a result, Reef Factory will soon launch a range of chemical products for marine aquaristics. The new product list includes components, trace elements and other supplement products for marine aquariums, which will be launched in the coming months.

Intelligent Components & Reef Supplements

Reef Factory's balanced components ensure that essential micro and macro element needs are met, and a range of pure trace elements provide ideal conditions for corals to ensure healthy growth and beautiful colouration. The formulas have been developed by Reef Factory LAB experts who have participated in long-term scientific research to develop methods that enable rapid growth of corals under artificial conditions.

New smart tests in Reef Factory offer

To meet the needs of aquarists, the Reef Factory brand is expanding its range of measuring instruments to include more water testing methods. Now ICP-OES lab tests and Smart Test Kit droplet tests are available to users.

With the Smart ICP-OES, water testing in the lab is done in a simple and convenient way. Sample registration, shipment tracking and test results are all available in the Smart Reef App. Direct synchronisation with the parameter panel and recommendations makes running a marine aquarium easier than ever!

The Smart Test Kit is a breakthrough in marine aquarium testing! By combining innovative technology with years of expert experience, Reef Factory has developed a new generation of tests. Interactive, effortless, easy to interpret. More information coming soon!

The end result - amazing results!

The Smart Reef 360 method gives you constant insight into the condition of your aquarium and ensures precise dosing of special, pure supplements. This way you provide your corals with exactly what they need. This is the easiest and safest way to achieve spectacular results in reef keeping.

How was Smart Reef 360 developed?

More than 4 years ago, Marek Protasewicz and Jaroslaw Wojczakowski, the founders of Reef Factory, were looking for a system that would allow them to manage an entire marine aquarium from a single platform. Not finding any ready-made solutions on the market, they decided to develop their own smart devices with the features they were missing. The next step is Smart Reef 360, a comprehensive approach to marine aquarium management that includes devices, products and software to manage the entire marine aquarium.

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