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New release: Abyzz launches the AFC150 IPU "compact" with approx. 60,000 litres capacity

The Abyzz Flow Cannon (AFC) 150 provides an output of up to 60,000 litres for medium and large aquariums, with a consumption of approx. up to 150 watts.

The brand new Abyzz Flow Cannon AF150, with its high-end design that includes a titanium rotor unit, titanium mounting frame and carbon fibre parts alongside durable plastics, consists of the pump itself and a powerful and programmable driver. With a very energy-efficient motor and the precise setting for your application, it offers a very energy-saving solution. The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and the special carbide shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation.


All metal parts are made of titanium grade 2 and other parts of high-quality PA, PVC. This composition ensures a long service life and thus guarantees maximum sustainability and the lowest carbon footprint. Various mounting options are offered for every need. Due to the many mounting points available, customised mounting can also be carried out very easily. The special multi-blade propeller and well-designed hydraulics ensure that the pump operates almost without noise and vibration. The simple programming (as with every Abyzz pump) and the possibility of connection to external controls offer a wide range of applications. The materials used are designed for a long service life and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. This product is developed and manufactured in Germany by venotec.


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Technical data

Available soon: Magnetic holder up to 15mm, magnetic holder up to 30mm, further mounts in preparation.

More info from 26.10.2021 at

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