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How a marine aquarium is created Part 26: Goodbye glass lice?

Convolutriloba retrogemma

You can hardly believe it. After a few weeks now and the increasingly intensive emergence and growth of glass lice, I treated the large glass lice one last time with Aiptacap from Aquamedic. Well, what didn't work the first time seems to work now. The glass lice are gone, but the problem with the flatworms is getting worse.

To be honest, I almost don't care who is to blame now :-)

The fact is as of the end of January 2019, I don't see a single glass rose anymore.

I have treated about 8-9 visible and larger glass roses with the Aiptacap, while about 4-5 glass roses have not. Nevertheless, all of them are gone now, including the ones that were not treated. We are happy about it :)

For those who remember from part 25, we first had 2 Lysmata wurdemanni, then later 5 Beghias, which already brought a clutch of snails with them in the transport glass. I can state the following: Don't go crazy right away, it takes several weeks until something happens in the tank.

Here is the video.

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