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How a marine aquarium is created-Part 6: The recirculation pump

Since the Aqua Medic Armatus series does not include a return pump, it is now time to install one. Of course, you can choose freely from the market, but you should always take into account the head that this pump has to cope with. So it's better not to choose too little. Modern pumps can usually also be controlled or regulated down.

For obvious reasons, we have chosen a return pump from Aqua Medic. One of the new Silent DC Runner pumps.

Instead of a smaller recirculation pump, which in my opinion would have been quite sufficient - after all, there are two Stream 3s in the main tank - we were supplied with the 5.2. This makes up to 5,000 litres, has a specified head of up to 3.5 metres and a power consumption of up to 50 watts. We used it after all, but only let it run at 50%. At this point we can confirm that the pump is not audible in the filter pool.

You can find all the relevant information on installation in the video below.

The manufacturer advertises the DC Runner pump as follows:

"ULTRA SILENT" through optimised control electronics

- For use as a feed and flow pump in marine and freshwater aquariums
- Incl. Controller for regulating the flow rate
- 0-10 V connection for external control
- Robust pump housing
- Power-saving 24 V DC motor with high efficiency
- Polished ceramic bearings and axles for optimum smoothness and low-maintenance continuous operation over many years
- Installation possible under water and outside

Including pre-filter basket, hose nozzle and screw fitting


Here now the video of the installation:

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