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How a saltwater aquarium is created- Part 10: Commissioning the Armatus 400

kurz vorm Start.... :-)

Finally, finally the water in the aquarium and the filter tank is filled up enough for us to get started. Is the pipework tight? How does the Easy Drain system that replaces a ball valve work? How quiet is the return pump? Plugging it in is always an exciting moment.

The time has finally come...

Enough water is in the 400-litre mini-reef so that the return pumping can now be started. It took a while to set up the Easy Drain system correctly. The whole thing is basically dependent on the flow rate, the water level in the filter tank and the drainage of the water. You have to be a little patient. It's best to turn the Easy Drain a quarter of a turn at a time and wait for it to adjust.

kurz vorm Start.... :-)

Das Stellrad vom Easy Drain System

links Easy Drain, Mitte Notüberlauf, rechts Rückforderrohr

The Ultra Silent Pump DC Runner 5.2 from Aqua Medic is indeed inaudible. In the meantime, it is running at half (level 4) of what is possible, which would be 5000 litres per hour.

But see for yourself in the video:

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