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New: The D-D Kamoer KH Manager

The D-D KHManager is a dedicated, app-controlled, stand-alone device that automatically samples and tests your aquarium water, then calculates and doses an accurate volume of KH solution to maintain a constant alkalinity level in your aquarium. The KH Manager is already available to order and should be released shortly. The retail price is approx. 899.00 €.

The KHManager was developed in cooperation between D-D and Kamoer for the European market. European market and combines Kamoer's experience in manufacturing experience in the manufacture of high-precision dispensing equipment for the medical with D-D's knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements of alkaline requirements for alkalinity control in a modern reef aquarium. reef aquarium. The stepper motor driven pump heads, the precision pH probe, the dual optical sensors, the automatic stirring and rinsing protocols are all important features that ensure that ensure that each test sample is collected, tested and dosed with the highest possible collected, tested and dosed with the greatest possible accuracy. Unexpectedly high or low (out-of-trend) readings are automatically retested to prevent sample to avoid sample errors, and user-defined limits warn of over- or under-dosing outside the defined parameters.


Automatic and manual testing


In the app it is possible to manually perform an immediate test with the KH Manager or set up a regular automatic test schedule. schedule. Automatic schedules can be programmed so that between 1 and 24 times per day is tested. This can be done every day of the days of the week, on specific days of the week, or on a specific number of days, giving the user full flexibility.

After each test, the result is shown on the device display for a quick overview, along with the time and date the test was performed. date the test was performed. In the app, a full data log for both the pH and KH values, along with the automatic along with the automatic addition of KH buffer solution, if the dosing option is activated.



Automatic dosing of KH buffer


Automatic KH maintenance can be activated in order to maintain a stable and consistent level. Once the test has been test has been carried out, a special built-in dosing channel is activated to add a buffer to raise the KH level in the aquarium to the set point specified by the user. set by the user.
The amount of buffer added in a dose can be limited. added in one dose can be limited to avoid large individual large individual additions. If the quantity to be dosed is higher than the amount allowed in one addition, an automatic dosing schedule will be dosing schedule is created to divide the dose into smaller steps over a period of time and over a period of time and displayed in the app. The settings in the app allow the use of the Kamoer standard KH buffer or any other brand of KH buffer solution. KH buffer solution.

WiFi Cloud or Bluetooth App Control


The KH Manager can be fully controlled by app via your smartphone or tablet. The free app download is available for both IOS and Android. and Android.
With the Kamoer Remote App, you can choose to control choose to connect the pump via your home router and access it from anywhere in the world. from anywhere in the world or whether you want to use a local Bluetooth connection to Bluetooth connection to connect directly from your mobile device. directly from your mobile device. With both options, you have full access to all settings. With either option, you have full access to all settings.With the app, you can calibrate, firmware updates (when connected via a home router), test schedules, data monitoring, and testing and dosing modes.


Warnings and alarms


For all equipment that performs automated processes in a reef aquarium, it is it is important that all anomalies are displayed in real time so that any so that any problems can be corrected.In addition to the integrated monitoring of dosing, reagent and waste containers (if used), the KH Manager alerts when attention is required, and various attention is required, and various warning parameters can be set or are already active. already active. Push notifications can be activated for test results out of the set range, e.g. when a test result is when a test result is abnormal compared to the last one, when the reagent is not detected correctly, or if the pH probe does not measure measure correctly. There is also an in-app notification that prompts you, to recalibrate the unit, which is displayed after the reset.
The KH Manager can also be set to perform an automatic second test to detect a low second test to confirm an abnormal reading, or to automatically increase the or automatically increase the test rate until the KH value is within the desired range. range. The LCD display on the front of the unit shows high, low or normal with the most recently tested KH and pH values for quick orientation.

Features of the device.


Technical data


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klauskastl on 25.03.23#1
Der KHManager ist leider nur App-gesteuert, hier sollte noch eine PC Lösung erstellt werden. Desweiteren fehlt mir noch in der Beschreibung, das es eine Langzeit Messangabe gibt. Ansonsten scheinen die Funktionen durchdacht.

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