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The brand new Giesemann AURORA V12. A hybrid that is not a hybrid.

There is news at Giesemann. The AURORA V12 has seen the light of day. You can find all the key data below.

The first hybrid - which isn't one!

Handcrafted in Germany, the new AURORA V12 presents itself with a new unique lighting concept in a high-quality convex aluminium housing.

What's new?

In the middle focus section. LED clusters with state-of-the-art high-end LEDs and highly polished individual reflectors. individual reflectors.

The LED surfaces of the outer outer matrix section are provided with diffusion discs.

The mix allows for here not only to wish to increase the performance and efficiency of a T5 / hybrid lighting without sacrificing the most without having to dispense with the most modern individual setting options.

The matrix and focus sections can be controlled individually in the app. individually in the app.

Perfect illumination!

Thanks to the convex (curved) design in combination with the outer matrix sections, the AUROA V12 stands out in the uniform distribution of hybrid or pure hybrid or pure T5 lighting and offers or pure T5 lighting and offers all the advantages of modern LED lighting.

Ausleuchtung der AURORA V12

The Aurora V12 is available in two colours and three lengths.


Limitless possibilities!

9 LED channels and 9 LED colours provide up to 400 watts of peak power with 588 Watts with a number of 588 LEDs. If desired, the matrix section can be easily LED modules can be added to the matrix section to achieve a peak output of 650 watts and and 1092 LEDs.


Smart and independent!

Both sections are independently controllable by each other.

The Aurora V12 is controlled via the Giesemann lynk app, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS.


The light has an internal WIFI module, which allows , the luminaire either directly or to integrate it in into the home Wi-Fi network. network. This means that one is independent of third-party providers and third-party servers.

Profiles can be shared with other users and groups of luminaires can be created to groups of luminaires can be created to control them simultaneously.

The Aurora V12 is available for pre-order now and will be in stores in early March.

Introduction prices:
900 mm / 270 watts (expandable to 410 W) = 1,499 €
1200 mm / 390 watts (expandable up to 550 W) = 1.699 €
1500 mm / 440 Watt (expandable up to 650 Watt) = 1.999 €

The link to Giesemann

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