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Press release: The Pulzar G3 LED module from Giesemann

THE PULZAR G3 - best in class, far above average. The proven and powerful LED light module now in its 3rd generation with many innovations in detail. Waterproof, available in 8 lengths and with the highest light output in its class, the new PULZAR G-3 sets new standards.

the new standard
. The newly developed aluminium housing now in noble anthracite anodised with brushed surface.

All cut edges are protected against corrosion and
the entire luminaire body serves as a cooling element for the optimal temperature control of the now even more powerful LED assembly.

Lengths from 15.5 cm make the PULZAR G3 the ideal companion for nano aquaristics and aquascaping

. The mounting options above the aquarium leave nothing to be desired. open. The variable mounting rail in the housing is used both for insertion into the SPHERA aquarium cover, whereby the SPHERA profile also serves additional cooling, as well as for holding various mounting components. mounting components.
Whether freely suspended above the aquarium on steel cables or mounted on the aquarium with on top of the aquarium, we have thought of almost every application. With the help of the optionally available mounting slides, even two PULZAR G-3 can be connected to each other, allowing luminaire lengths of up to 3 metres. up to 3 metres.

. Each PULZAR G-3 already has the optimum light spectrum for the respective application. respective application. For individual adaptation, these can be controlled with with our newly developed Light-Control Interfaces. play" with our newly developed Light-Control Interfaces. The three individual lighting groups can be individually in terms of colour selection and intensity. intensity.

The wired Light Control Box or the smart WiFi lynk Box are available. *available from autumn 2021

Highlights PULZAR G3. . It goes without saying that the PULZAR-LED G3 module is also exclusively manufactured by Giesemann in Germany. During development, we have high light output, long service life and minimal power consumption. More information at: Giesemann

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