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Aquarium Systems Part 3. The Brand New REEFER G2 from RedSea

Red Sea recently launched the new Reefer G2 series. The series includes sizes from 60 cm up to 210 cm. We give you the info.

REEFER G2 tanks have been perfectly designed for reef design and combine Reef-Spec infrastructure with the freedom to install all your preferred to install all your preferred technology.

REFER G2 systems feature a new and improved water management system, extra reinforced cabinets and aquariums, ReefMat and Refugium Ready technology tanks, extended warranty plans and are available in a available in a variety of sizes to fit any desired space.

REEFER G2 systems are also the ideal platform for the full "Red Sea Experience" by combining our LED lighting, flow pumps, dosing units and filtration devices into a smart ecosystem powered by the ReefBeat app.

Main Specifications:

1. Rimless ultra-clear glass

2. Extra reinforced plywood cabinet

3. Dual pump returns

4. Surface drain

5. Low-noise drain system

6. Ready-to-install piping

7. High-presence valve

8. Professional Reef Spec tech tanks

9. Reef Mat and Refugium

10. Reef Mat and Reservoir

11. Cooler and Hardware Chamber


More info at RedSea:

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