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Red Sea Reef ATO + System

The Red Sea Reef ATO+ system is a reliable and intelligent water level control, temperature monitor and leak detector in one unit. According to Red Sea, the device will be available from 16.03.2023 and can be pre-ordered in stores now.

The ReefATO+ features a solid-state water level sensor with a with a series of titanium probes that determine whether you are above, below or at the desired water level. This comes together with a microprocessor-controlled quiet pump with multiple safety safety features, including an automatic shut-off shut-off mechanism if the pump runs too long or runs dry.

Each fill is completed within a precise 3-mm band, keeping the water volume and salinity of your system comfortable and stable. stable. In addition, the higher-level backup probes only respond when the ATO pump is on, so routine water routine water fluctuations, e.g. when you use filters or switching off your return pump, will not trigger false alarms. trigger false alarms.

The water level sensor also includes an accurate digital thermometer that has been pre-calibrated to 0.1 degrees, which provides a full log and notifications of high/low temperatures. temperatures.

The ReefATO+ also includes a highly sensitive, Reef-Spec leak detector, which sends you a notification and even pumps connected to ReefBeat if an RO or seawater leak is detected. seawater leak is detected.

Red Sea ReefATO+ features:


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Manor on 16.03.23#1
Verfügbarkeit wurde wohl auf Mitte/Ende April verschoben.
Hätte es gerne schon bestellt.

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