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The new Aqua Medic Armatus xs is here.

We already shot the video in July when we were on site for our own "Interzoo at Aqua Medic". Important: The delivery will be possible in January.

In addition to the video, a few personal lines. 

An aquarium of this size and number of litres is certainly nothing for the newcomer without any knowledge. Especially with regard to the salt density and all other biological processes. Therefore, please make yourself properly what it means to run such an aquarium. Especially with regard to "density problematic" animals such as shrimps with the salt content during refilling.

Since many questions were asked about the heating:
If If you watch the video to the end, the question is clarified by an overlay. is cleared up by an overlay. There is a 10-watt heating system (via USB) optionally with it.

The Armatus XS comes with LED lighting and pump. supplied. The LED lighting can be individually adjusted with 2 light channels (white and blue). incl. dimming can be individually adjusted. The integrated feed pump pump also serves as a flow pump and ensures sufficient water circulation. water circulation. A built-in drainage shaft ensures reliable reliable surface drainage.
The ingenious water flow ensures water flow ensures low-noise operation. Through filter sponges, which can be placed in the base cabinet, ensure good water quality.
The overall look is based on our successful Armatus series concept.
The Armatus XS is suitable for marine and freshwater.

All information at Aqua medic

Here now is the video:

Link to the manufacturer:

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robertbaur on 14.12.22#1
Zur Info.
Endlich sind nun auch auf Aqua Medic alle Infos zum neuen Armatus xs zu finden. Ebenso die Heizung :) Link:

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