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Phosphate removal - Nano-Tech Phosphree by Maxspect

Nano-Tech Phosphree is a polymer resin that is chemically stable and, unlike metal-based absorbers, does not release metal ions into the water column.

Um create a reference environment to test the phosphate uptake rate, we set up three tanks, each with 100 litres of seawater, all containing 1.0 ppm (±0.03) phosphate.

※ Basin A: 100L of seawater with 60ml of iron-based absorbent.
※ Basin B: 100L seawater with 60ml aluminium-based absorbent
. ※ Basin C: 100L seawater with 60ml Nano-Tech Phosphree
. ※ Photometer used for testing phosphate: Hanna HI97713 Phosphate Low-Range Portable Photometer.

Step 1: Prepare 100L of seawater with a phosphate content of 1.0ppm.

The tests cannot be carried out in a real aquarium with animals. as the animals are constantly producing phosphate. Therefore we have created a test environment with tricalcium phosphate.

. We added 326.6 mg of tricalcium phosphate to 100L of seawater to bring the phosphate level to 1.0 ppm (±0.03).

Step 2: Test procedure

. 1.We added 60 ml of the absorbents to the test basins, using a medium flow of water was supplied by a gyre pump.

. 2.Three (3) water samples were taken from each basin every 24 hours for 8 days. basin every 24 hours for 8 days. From the three water samples, the mean value was was calculated.

Nano-Tech Phospree from Maxsapect is available from specialist retailers. Dealers can contact wholesalers

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