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The new Maxspect Jump SK 800 is in the starting blocks

With the Jump series, Maxspect started a moderately priced product series not too long ago. Initially through the LEDs L165, as well as the cross-flow pumps GF and the skimmer SK 400, there is now the announcement of an expansion. A new model of the SK800 skimmer is to complement the existing SK400. Jake Adams, a fellow blogger from the USA, has already taken a look at it and made a video about it.

You would think that a more favourable line would also entail sacrifices. But far from it, you don't have that feeling at all with the Jump products from Maxspect. I think that in the past years many products have been improved, no matter if it's lights, skimmers or pumps. Today, we hobbyists have access to so much more technology than was the case 10 or even 20 years ago. That is certainly good for our hobby. Although Maxspect has not been producing skimmers for very long, the developers have incorporated a number of new things. Just to name a few specs: an automatic water stop and overflow alarm, or the double-blade needle wheel (Turbine Duo)



Specifications of the two models


The new SK800 takes up a little more space and is a little taller, but according to Jake Adams has almost twice the volume for foam production. As we have just learned, the new SK 800 is also already available in Europe and will go on sale at a price of 599.00 EUR.

Here is the video of REEFBUILDERS

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