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Feeding aids for corals and fish

Just spotted in a newsletter from the distributor and already available in the trade for end customers. Feeding - Nourrir - Feed !

Coral Feeding Cover

The Coral Feeding Cover is a feeding aid and is used for the efficient feeding of corals. feeding of corals. It protects corals during feeding from being from being scavenged by fish and other invertebrates. The feeding cover is made of transparent acrylic, which allows the reaction of the the reaction of the coral during feeding. It is also very easy to clean if food residues stick to it.


One the Coral Feeding Cover over the coral to be fed and insert a feeding a feeding pipette into one of the holes of the Coral Feeding Cover in order to the coral with the food. This prevents the food from in the aquarium and is therefore not eaten by other fish.


It has a diameter of 80 mm and is 100 mm high.

New too - The Flipper Feeding Kit:

Feed your fish...instead of the filter!

Feeding kit to attach (Velcro) to the existing Flipper disc cleaner.

Feeding clamp. (holes on the underside) are attached to the inner part of the magnetic Flipper Magnetic Cleaner and can thus be attached to any desired position on the aquarium glass.






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