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A visit to the Kölle Zoo in Ludwigshafen

After Stuttgart, where the pond and seawater plant construction was very interesting, we went straight on to Kölle Zoo in Ludwigshafen. For the time being, this was to be our last visit to a large adventure market. After 5 exhausting, but at the same time very interesting weeks, here is the conclusion of the series. In Ludwigshafen we actually got a vet in front of the camera :-) Have fun with it.

Directly after our visit in Stuttgart, we went on to Ludwigshafen and there to a huge industrial estate.


You think of the dogs when you kölle too:-)

The Kölle-Zoo Erlebnismarkt in Ludwigshafen is conveniently located in the Oggersheim shopping park directly on the B9 and is open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm.

The Kölle Zoo in Ludwigshafen was opened in August 2003 and since then has surprised its visitors with many different attractions. In the entrance to the 2,700 m² sales area, there is a huge pond area with a spectacular artificial rock wall and two bridges.From there, visitors can take a look at the colourful koi fish that cavort in the water here. Other eye-catchers are the murals in Südsee style and a jeep that has been converted into a show terrarium for an Abgott snake.

35 employees offer competent and friendly advice true to the motto of Kölle-Zoo – "Heart and mind for animals" –. In addition to aquaristics and terraristics as well as birds, rodents and reptiles, the specialist store offers a special service through an affiliated veterinary clinic.

As in all adventure markets, you will also find our Lottis Häppchen BARF-Shop in Ludwigshafen. Here we offer everything for a species-appropriate raw and grain-free diet for your four-legged friend. The range includes frozen meat, food supplements and natural snacks for your four-legged friend. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will also be happy to draw up an individual diet plan for you.

This is the usual introduction to the customer overview.

At Kölle Zoo Ludwigshafen, Manfred Kern was available to us as a contact person for the seawater department. I had a lot of fun doing the interview, of course also with Andrea, Benjamin and the vet Thorsten Neunzig. Since pictures and especially a video always have more meaning than a lot of words...

The following video was the result.

Manfred Kern kindly sent me a video recording afterwards, showing the Piranha feeding. Have fun with it :-)

Of course, we also took some photos which we show below


















What applies to every Kölle Zoo and is particularly noteworthy from our point of view:

1. There are free water tests

2. There is osmosis and sea water to tap

3. Kölle Zoo prefers offspring of fish, corals even from Germany

4. There is a very large selection of frozen, flake and live food

5. There is a special large plant construction as well as an offer for the care of aquariums

6. Kölle Zoo gives a 100-day right of return, financing is possible, as well as a free delivery service

7. Kölle Zoo gives a best price guarantee - which means that you can come up to 14 days after the purchase with a printout and possibly get back what you paid too much.

8. There you can book guided tours for youth groups, children's birthday parties and more.

9. Give shelter animals a 2nd chance -

Kölle-Zoo wants to contribute to the successful and permanent placement of shelter animals in a new, loving home. Therefore, since January 2013, Kölle-Zoo has been supporting customers who give shelter residents a new home with the campaign "Give animals from the shelter a new home" with a shopping voucher worth 15 euros to finance the initial equipment for the new housemate.

10th Kölle Zoo offers a financing service


My personal conclusion after 9 visits now:


I think the Kölle Zoo clearly scores points in its wonderfully designed experience markets with its above-mentioned points and the service offered. Apart from that, you can always safely say that every business stands and falls with the person responsible for it, regardless of whether it's an owner or an employee.

You also notice that the zoo has a very good service.

It is also noticeable that the Kölle Zoo, through its advertisements for new staff, does not just hire anyone, but specifically looks for expertise that is optimally already available. Furthermore, I always had the feeling that there is a very good atmosphere among the staff  I think this is an important point. It is also particularly important that someone there deals with any faults and rectifies them.

The staff is very friendly.

In addition, as a consumer I find it very good that you can take a closer look at the systems or the products for the aquarium systems beforehand.  

All in all, it was an exhausting journey across Germany, but also a very interesting one. I hope some of you enjoyed this road trip? In any case, at the end of May we'll be going straight on to the important Interzoo trade fair, which will take place in Nuremberg. There we will meet again virtually via video. I would like to thank all the interview partners of the last few weeks and thank them for the very nice reception in the branches. I wish you all a salty hand at all times.

Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Samstag 09:00 bis 20:00 Uhr


Kölle-Zoo GmbH Ludwigshafen

Oderstraße 3b
Einkaufspark Oggersheim an der B9
67071 Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim

Phone: 0621 / 549302 - 30
Fax: 0621 / 549302 - 59



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