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A visit to Kölle Zoo in Weiterstadt

and our road trip 2016 continues one week later to Kölle Zoo in Weiterstadt. Even if we thought we knew everything now, far from it. But see and hear for yourself in the documentary. Have fun :-)

The road trip continues, this time we were drawn to Weiterstadt on Saturday morning.

Immediately after the entrance, as is already the case with other Kölle Zoo Filíales, comes a koi pond and a very nice discus show tank.

Officially, the market is advertised this way:

The Kölle-Zoo Erlebnismarkt in Weiterstadt is conveniently located on the A5 exit Weiterstadt in the Süd industrial area and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Around 20,000 animals of various species cavort on two levels with a total of 2,000 m² in the unusual ambience of the adventure market in Robert-Koch-Strasse 1a.

Our trained staff in Weiterstadt will be happy to inform and help you when it comes to the optimal nutrition of your four-legged friend and the subject of raw feeding.

Of course we were interested in the area of marine aquaristics, but Robert also kept his camera in other departments, for example the freshwater department.

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balanus on 10.03.16#1
Habt ihr schön gemacht, eure Kölle-Tour!

robertbaur on 12.03.16#2
Hallo Balanus

Danke für die Blumen :-) Das ganze geht noch etwas weiter *eg*

vg Robert

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