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01 - Sources of information

In Part 1 you will find the most important things to think about before buying an aquarium. And that is to inform yourself sufficiently before...

1. inform yourself extensively! And was before they buy...


As the name suggests, this is about informing yourself before deciding which aquarium to plan. There are many ways to get information, which we would like to discuss here.
Since fish and corals are living animals, and we as keepers should consider the life and well-being of the animals to be the most important asset, information comes first. Only with a certain basic knowledge is one able to offer the animals a good home.

a: Technical literature - Bücher
The technical literature takes in the opinion of the authors with the most important part. Therefore, it is very important: You can't do it without Bücher!
Whoever thinks they can get further without a book is very much mistaken. Bücher, as well as current news, play a very large part in the fact that marine aquaristics has reached the status it has today. Most aquarists should have gained most of their knowledge from Büchern, but also from their own experiences with marine aquaristics.

Büchern are not exactly few, so we think that without a concrete recommendation the matter is not helped.

The beginner's book badin:

Daniel Knop knows how to convey valuable information to beginners in a very nice way. The book reads very easily, and the water chemistry, which is often perceived as bad, is also easy to digest. The following topics are covered:

How much technology does a reef aquarium need
What are corals? What are species, genera and families?
Other easy-to-care-for invertebrates for the marine aquarium
Easy-to-care-for fish for the reef aquarium
Algae in the reef aquarium
Regular care measures
A little physics and chemistry

2. The beginner's series par excellence:


Book Series: Coral Reef Aquarium
Svein A. Fossa & Nilsen

The authors of this book, namely Sven Fossa and Alf Jacob Nilson, are also well known in the salty aquarium world. With the exception of the revised volume 1, these books are no longer up to date, but they still claim to be the seawater work par excellence. With their 6 volumes, they have greatly influenced marine aquaristics and made this wonderful hobby possible in many places in this form in the first place.

Volume 1 is simply a must for all beginners, Volume 2 follows on from it, especially in aquarium design and set-up. Volume 3 then describes the relevant fish and how to keep them. Volume 4 describes the relevant corals such as soft, leather and stony corals. Volumes 5 and 6 will be described later in this series of articles, as they are irrelevant for the beginning.

3. For the more demanding:
For those who are more confident at the beginning, perhaps because they already have aquaristic experience, the following books are also worth considering:


The Reef Aquarium, Vol.1
Bound edition - Dähne Vlg., Ettlingen
The Reef Aquarium, Vol.2
Bound edition - 546 pages - Dähne Vlg., Ettlingen

Short description
The first volume provides the necessary basic knowledge about biology, aquarium technology as well as setup and care of a reef aquarium and describes many stony coral species.

The second volume describes numerous soft coral genera and species and their aquarium keeping. The authors are among the world's most respected experts on coral reef aquaristics. The original English editions of this series, which is planned to run for several years, have long since become the "Bible of reef aquarists" in the USA. The book series introduces the layman and the less experienced aquarist to marine aquatics and gives the experienced reef aquarist an overview of the successful techniques for running a coral reef aquarium. Complex relationships are conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner, but with a great deal of expertise and practical experience.".... A top book on the subject of marine aquaristics. This book should not be missing from any marine aquarist's shelf. Pet shops should virtually prescribe this book to all those interested in a reef tank..."(R. Hüster in "Das Aquarium")

You can't go wrong with these book recommendations, dear reader. Don't hesitate to take a look at, where it is not uncommon to get the books described a little cheaper.

b: the internet with all its possibilities:

One of the most versatile ways to get information about marine aquatics is of course the internet. If it weren't for that, you probably wouldn't be reading this... (grin) Here, too, there is a multitude of interesting links.

Probably the most productive source on the Internet are various forums in which an exchange of experience takes place among aquarists. It could hardly be more up to date, as a large number of users brings together quite a nice collection of aquarists, and thus also a large mass of knowledge. Of course, many homepages are also a good source of information, at least as long as they are kept up to date.

c: Clubs, regulars' tables, saltwater meetings

There are numerous clubs that are happy about every new member. But they are also happy if you just want to have a look and take part in a club meeting. Here, too, interested aquarists usually make friends quickly and often find competent help among like-minded people. The same applies to regulars' tables and other seawater meetings. It is worth a try, as you will never reach your goal faster than through personal conversations :-)

Frank Diehl, Robert Baur-Kruppas

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Butch on 20.05.09#1
Was auch ein schönes Buch ist mit guten tipps und Illustrationen ist: Das Meerwasseraquarium(von der Planung bis zur erfolgreichen Pflege)
Autor:Dieter Brockmann

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