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Frank Diehl and Robert Baur-Kruppas have created a work that should help the novice to plan his first saltwater aquarium. You can read what we consider important in 38 parts at present.


a fascinating hobby with many possibilities for variation. But it is also associated with many start-up difficulties and sometimes high costs.

The desire for one's own tank is often awakened by looking at other tanks. You would like to have something like that in your own four walls. Once the decision has been made, many decisions are necessary that will have a strong influence on the future tank and its stocking. Should it be a sea or freshwater tank, a species tank, how big can it be, how expensive will it be, etc. etc. But keep in mind already: an aquarium is not only an eye-catcher, but also a habitat. Maintaining such a tank can involve effort and expense, and the decision to buy a tank should never be based on a momentary enthusiasm.



Even now, keep in mind that an aquarium is not just an eye-catcher, but also a habitat.

Once these basic questions have been answered, further questions immediately arise. Which technology is particularly suitable, which filter systems should I choose, which animals are suitable and what is the best way to start?

This is where you often want advice and help. Unfortunately, there is no one good advice, but a collection of different ways and experiences that can all lead to the goal.

In a larger series of articles for beginners, which mainly deals with getting started in saltwater aquaristics, two websites try to convey their experiences and opinions in an understandable form. After all, seawater aquaristics is not a closed book and with patience can lead to the desired result. Nevertheless, a certain basic knowledge of chemical processes is necessary for seawater aquaristics. But even this can be done without starting an apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician. As the saying goes: You don't have to know it, but you have to know where it is. And we hope that everything can be found in this beginner's series.

For this series we have chosen the following title:

Sea aquaristics from the beginning...
a guide for beginners and switchers

As the number of new marine aquarists has increased again, and with it the many questions, Frank Diehl - - and Robert Baur - - have sat down together and written a series of articles over the last few months which, in total, contain everything that is important for getting started in marine aquaristics.

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