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News: Royal Exclusiv® LED Lamp - RE-LIGHT

Royal Exclusiv®, the premium manufacturer of exclusive seawater products such as skimmers, pumps and filter systems, is expanding its product portfolio with a high-quality LED lamp - "Made in Germany" - in various formats.

Modular expandability, simple operation of the individually adjustable colour channels are just some of the core features that distinguish this lamp.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of salt/sea water aquaristics, RE knows the diverse needs of customers and the extreme requirements of the products. It is precisely with this knowledge that the development and research of a revolutionary LED-based surface area luminaire was implemented.

Through several years of development work and in cooperation with the University of Giessen, the LED luminaire was optimised especially for marine aquaristics. The result is LED modules of 100
W power each with state-of-the-art efficiency. Individual LED modules are installed in varying numbers, depending on the lamp model. During development, the focus was particularly on creating a natural light during the day and at night that is indistinguishable for animals and humans. The animals thus receive a spectrum that imitates their natural habitat and contributes to the synthesis
of colour pigments as well as to strong growth.

With 8 different wavelengths and a specially selected white high-power LED, it is possible to individually adjust almost every spectrum of the different water depths in 7 channels. Especially near-UV high-energy LEDs react comparatively sensitively in long-term operation at full power. The UV and near-UV LEDs of specific wavelengths used in the RE-LIGHT have been carefully selected. The main application of these special LEDs is in medical technology.

The requirements of this LED are correspondingly high and, accordingly, particular emphasis is placed on stability and long service life. All in all, the viewer also gets the shimmering curling effect under the water surface similar to what is known from sunlight. Due to the clever selection of LED clusters or distribution on the luminaire surface, this curling effect is neither too turbulent and thus disturbing for the observer, nor too diffuse, as could be the case with T5 luminaires.

An additional and adjustable channel for a realistic moonlight with real-time moon phase calendar for the night optimally rounds off the photoperiod during the day. This gives the artificial reef the natural simulation of a day and night rhythm from which not only the reef inhabitants benefit!

Using the intelligent and intuitively controllable microcontroller with integrated, high-contrast OLED display directly on the luminaire, the spectrum and its intensity can be adjusted to the respective requirements in seconds without having to establish an annoying wireless connection with an additional computer or smartphone.

An overheating of the passively cooled lamp (e.g. at higher room temperatures in summer) and the associated shortening of the emitters' service life is prevented by intelligent temperature control. When a critical temperature for the LED is reached, the overall intensity is automatically reduced in barely perceptible steps until the luminaire is back in the safe temperature range. With this solid and nature-simulating LED area light for optimal and future-oriented aquaristics, Royal Exclusiv® would like to position itself anew and at the top of the high-quality lights for marine aquaristics and provide the customer with the best possible service.

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