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Interzoo 2022: Aquaforest brings new salts and an air filter for soda lime


Luftfilter Aquaforest

Now videos 2 and 3 follow at the Aquaforest stand. The topics here were two brand new types of sea salt and the new air filter. Many thanks to Andrzej for the interviews. And now enjoy the videos

Video salts:

Aquaforest Hybrid Pro Salt

The most advanced Reef Salt. After years of our Aquaforest team watching how reef aquariums with either natural seawater (NSW) or chemically pure chemically pure, laboratory-produced salt, we wanted to develop a hybrid Pro Salt formula that combines the benefits of both salts for our sensitive reef sensitive reef dwellers and modern aquarists looking for more more natural, probiotic-enriched reef methods,
After our chemists and biologists took a variety of water samples from water samples from naturally growing reefs in Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia and Fiji, they analysed the ICP results from these ICP results from these established coral reef habitats to develop a set of parameters to suit even the most demanding corals. corals. Unlike the ocean, an aquarium is a ecosystem in which not all elements are taken up equally. absorbed equally. To compensate for the differences in absorption, we have the values of the most commonly consumed micronutrients and trace elements elements such as strontium and iodine to achieve greater stability.

In order to compensate for differences in absorption, we have increased the levels of the most

What makes Hybrid Pro Salt so unique?

Dosing and storage

Store the salt in a dry, moisture-free and dark place. Safety data sheet available on request.

We recommend keeping the dKH value between 7.5 and 8.5 in order to promote the to promote the proliferation of probiotic bacteria. Higher/lower values can reduce the bacterial activity. When setting up when setting up a new aquarium, we recommend that you introduce the first fish/coral 10-14 days at the earliest after setting up the tank and stabilising the water the water parameters have stabilised.

Video Air Filter Respiratory Lime:

Link Manufacturer:

AF Air Scrubber - Air Filter

Riff aquariums are complex and and often fragile ecosystems that depend on stability to thrive. be successful. The Aquaforest Air Scrubber is a special air filter designed to be connected to a skimmer. connection to a skimmer for air purification and CO2 reduction.

Daily fluctuations in fluctuations in the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the air caused by caused by normal breathing, pets and cooking can affect the pH of the aquarium. the pH value of the aquarium. The higher the concentration of CO2 that the skimmer attracts, the more acidic the water becomes, which often often leads to a drop in pH, unstable dKH and significantly inhibited coral calcification. coral calcification. Over time, this could result in stressed corals and even the loss of that coral. When the light on, photosynthesis takes place to stabilise the pH of the aquarium. stabilise the pH of the aquarium. At night, however, the pH drops as the with increasing oxygen demand. This is especially true in autumn and winter, when the windows are often closed and the rooms are ventilated less. are ventilated less. This is the ideal time to start using the Aquaforest AF Air Scrubber to support a stable reef aquarium. reef aquarium.

The Aquaforest AF Air Scrubber reactor and absorbent media and the absorbent media, when used correctly, will help to prevent harmful fluctuations caused by low pH. The AF Air Scrubber reactor body is made of high quality white and transparent acrylic. transparent acrylic. By using a modern design aesthetic it can either be used outside the cabinet or conveniently placed inside the cabinet. placed. When developing this product, the focus was on functionality in the foreground. The AF Air Scrubber reactor is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy to assemble and disassemble for maintenance, while at the same time and at the same time ensures a proper air flow through the CO2 cleaning medium.

Key features:



Height: 35.5 cm + 3.5 cm (connectors) / 14″ + 1.4″
Width: 15.5 cm / 6.1″


The filter does not contain a CO2 absorbing cartridge in the set.

The pH of the water changes in the daily rhythm. rhythm, and therefore measurements should always be performed at the same time of the day.

If used up media is left inside the reactor too long, it can change colour again, but it is no longer effective at removing CO2 from the air.

When changing out the media, it is best to wear gloves and do it in a well-ventilated space.

Inside you can use AF Air Scrubber Media together with Carbon.

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