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Interzoo 2022: Faunamarin with news on ICP-OES elemental analysis


There have also been some changes at Faunamarin. Claude for the innovations to the ICP laboratory and the tests. Enjoy the video.

We, Fauna Marin GmbH, have been involved in the keeping and breeding of sensitive tropical keeping and breeding of sensitive tropical marine animals. With the aquarium technology and highly effective care products, we create the ideal we create ideal conditions for the sustainable care of corals and corals and fish in the aquarium.

Fauna Marin not only develops systems for the successful care of corals and other marine corals and other marine animals, we also operate one of Europe's Europe's largest breeding and caging facilities for corals. Our vegetative propagation of highly sensitive and extraordinarily beautiful SPS corals has made us famous worldwide.

With the help of this long experience, and not least inspired by the perfection and aesthetics of marine nature, we design excellent products for aquaculture and marine aquaristics and continue to develop them. and continuously develop them further.

Our products are aimed at dedicated aquarium enthusiasts and professional with equally high demands on quality and high efficiency. high efficiency.

Daily, we use our own products and take advantage of the high of our laboratory equipment to care for tens of thousands of corals and prepare them optimally for your aquarium. We do this so well that in 2014 we won the Baden W├╝rttemberg "Top 10 Companies" award. in 2014.

Just drop by and take a look at our corals. our corals, because they do more advertising for us than we do for them!

The video:

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