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News: Award for convincing brand relaunch: OASE receives the renowned German Brand Award in Gold as an "Excellent Brand".

The German company OASE, headquartered in Hörstel, Tecklenburg, Germany, will receive the marketing prize with the widest reach in the German-speaking world at the award ceremony on 9 June in Berlin: the renowned German Brand Award in Gold as "Excellent Brand" in the category "Tools & Gardening". OASE, the market leader for inspiring living environments with water, is being honoured for its successful brand relaunch, which reflects the consistent further development of the brand.

Living spaces designed with water can be places of retreat, sources of inspiration or social meeting places. With its brand relaunch in autumn 2021, the OASE company has set an example that which not only underlines its position as market leader in the design of such design of such living spaces, but at the same time makes the strong evolution of the brand visible. For more than 70 years, OASE has been offering creative solutions for gardens and aquariums as well as for water water installations in public spaces and sustainable water water therapy. Passion for the element of water, inventive talent and and outstanding technical precision characterise the company's uncompromising the company's uncompromising quality standards, as well as its holistic approach and its focus on an ideal user experience. Thorsten Muck, CEO of the OASE Group, explains: "In the last few years, OASE has technologies, innovative products and the emotional charging of the brand. brand with new technologies, innovative products and the emotional charging of the brand. This evolution of the brand, our aspirations and our strong dynamics are perfectly perfectly expressed in the new corporate design."

The desire to constantly create new and challenging designs with with water and the fascination for its diversity define the the brand's attitude to life. This attitude to life, which finds expression in the new vision "We create the right flow." is also reflected in a strong logo. a strong logo. The core element of the corporate identity, which has been completely renewed since October 2021, is the new brand. corporate identity since October 2021 is the new brand logo. updated word mark - a clear typography with discreet rounding - with the graphic element of an energetic flowing wave. wave.

On the award ceremony:
The German Design Council is Germany's design and brand authority. and brand authority in Germany. It strengthens the social awareness for design and supports companies in all aspects of their brand and design development. brand and design development. It offers a forum for the knowledge transfer and ensures competitive advantages for its members. of its members: independent, experienced, international. With the German German Brand Award, the German Design Council honours companies that are pioneers in the world of brands and convince through effective brand work. convincing. Since 2016, the prize has been awarded by an independent, interdisciplinary jury since 2016. The evaluation criteria include Brand impact, differentiation from the competition, target group relevance, design quality of the brand image, degree of innovation, sustainability and growth - criteria in which the OASE brand relaunch was convincing. brand relaunch was able to convince.

As the marketing award with the widest reach in the German-speaking region the German Brand Award comprises the two disciplines "Excellent Brands" and and "Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation". The discipline "Excellent Brands" takes a holistic view of brands and assesses the brand management of brand management of product and corporate brands within their competitive competitive environments with each other. The categories are therefore divided according to and industries.

At the award ceremony on 9 June in Berlin, OASE will be presented with the German Brand Award in Gold as "Excellent Brand" in the category "Tools and Gardening" category. In addition, the relaunch receives a "Special Mention" in the category "Corporate Brand of the Year".

Matthias Oetting, Marketing Director at OASE and in charge of the relaunch, sums up: "In an intensive process, we have "In an intensive process, we have rethought the brand. In the process further development should also be expressed in the corporate identity. expressed. We are delighted about the award and see it as a and see it as confirmation that we have created a concise brand which that consistently conveys the OASE attitude to life across all channels."

About OASE:
The OASE Group is one of the leading internationally operating specialists for the staging and treatment of water in the private and and public areas. The company, headquartered in Hörstel, Germany, is active in the areas of Water in the Garden, Aquaristics, Fountain and Water Technology and offers the largest product portfolio in the industry for all types of water. largest product portfolio in the industry.

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