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Interzoo 2022: Plankton Plus shows the new DD Aquarium 180 Pro with 180cm length.


DD Aquarium 180 PRO

Large system aquariums are becoming more and more numerous. DD-AquariumSolution has now joined them, exhibiting their new 180cm aquarium exclusively at the Plankton Plus stand at Interzoo 2022. Flo was happy to answer any questions.

The new DD tank 180 PRo measures 180x60x60cm. The filter tank adds another 150 litres. The total volume is about 900 litres.

Plankton Plus: I quote from the homepage:

We live aquaristics! Passion and enthusiasm for marine aquaristics is what drives us every day to give you and your animals the best.
With our 100% in-house produced, natural products, we support breeders and specialist retailers throughout Europe to further promote sustainability and breeding in aquaristics. We stand for a consistently natural nutrition of our aquarium inhabitants without any chemicals.

The VIDEO from the stand

Link Plankton Plus

Link DD Aquarium Solution

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