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How a marine aquarium is created Part 42: Our solution for a power failure

We care for really great and often expensive animals. And most of them grow close to our hearts. A power failure, if it lasts longer, is a real disaster and can cost the animals their lives. Fortunately, there are also solutions for this from various companies, in addition to the well-known UPS devices from the electronics sector. As we are naming products, we have to mark this as advertising. The Jebao backup battery was regularly purchased by us.

By chance, we got a used MP40 from Ecotech from Immo Gerber and it is perfect for the Jebao backup battery. However, this is only available through Fishstreet.

Now enjoy the video.

In my opinion, the most important thing is:

In the first step, the backup battery must be charged for at least 24 hours without a pump connected. In the second step, a pump is connected to it. Then remove the pump's power plug and let the pump run only on the backup battery until it is empty. After recharging (at least 24 hours), the backup battery is 100% usable.

By the way, the more expensive solution from Ecotech (see link below) offers a significantly longer runtime than the 18 hours mentioned by Jebao. The Ecotech version manages at least 36 hours with the MP 40, twice the runtime. It costs about 100 euros more than the Jebao backup battery.

Further links:

Link to Fishstreet

Link to Ecotechs Original Solution

Link to Tunze Safety Connector

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